ITOC9 thankfully acknowledges the support of the following companies


BioIVT is a leading provider of control and disease state samples (human/animal tissues, cells, blood, other biofluids). Combining technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biospecimens, BioIVT partners with scientists in ELEVATING SCIENCE.

URL: https://bioivt.com/


Canopy Biosciences®, a Bruker company, empowers innovation by providing access to cutting-edge spatial biology and multi-omic tools so biomedical researchers can drive scientific discovery faster. We offer instruments and services for spatial proteomics and transcriptomics, gene expression profiling, and CLIA services for IHC, FISH and histopathology.

Learn more by visiting https://canopybiosciences.com


Fluidigm is committed to empowering the cancer immunotherapy community with research tools to interrogate immune cell function and the tumor microenvironment with unprecedented resolution. Using proven high dimensional imaging and high throughput cytometry, we provide workflows to identify and characterize changes in cellular phenotypes at single-cell resolution. Whether you seek to target new biomarkers and pathways or to optimize the effectiveness of checkpoint inhibitors, CAR T cells or cancer vaccines, Fluidigm can help you identify new insights to reach your next research breakthrough.

Engage with us at https://www.fluidigm.com/

Lunaphore Technologies, Logotype.jpg

Lunaphore Technologies S.A. is a Swiss company born in 2014 with the vision of enabling spatial biology in every laboratory. Lunaphore empowers researchers to push the boundaries of research to ultimately develop the next generation personalized therapies. 

URL: https://lunaphore.com

LUMICKS Logo Grey.png

LUMICKS creates instruments for dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis. The z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer enables the measurement and selection of immune cells based on their interactions with cancer cells, providing a new biomarker for evaluating immune cell functionality and activation. Whether exploring T cells such as TCR or CAR-T, NK cell function, or cell engagers, cell avidity is providing new insights into downstream events and therapeutic effectiveness.

URL: https://lumicks.com/products/z-movi-cell-avidity-analyzer/ 

logo-mabtech_c_d_d (big).png

Mabtech is a Swedish biotech company whose mission is to spur life science research, by providing the scientific community with optimized immunoassays and instruments, in particular tools for ELISpot, FluoroSpot and ELISA. To that end, we develop and produce a wide range of monoclonal antibodies, kits, peptide pools, and instruments for in vitro applications.. View the WEBSITE


Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that empower biomedical discovery and advance cellular therapy. Our innovative technologies enable solutions for cellular research, cell therapy, and cell manufacturing. Our more than 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Miltenyi Biotec has more than 3,500 employees in 28 countries. View the WEBSITE

Novogene logo.png

Novogene utilises its large sequencing capacity, deep scientific knowledge, first-class customer service and unsurpassed data quality to help clients realise their NGS research goals. In this conference, we will exhibit the latest genome sequencing solutions. URL: www.novogene.com


Personalis, Inc. is leading the oncology field in developing patient-centered diagnostics by delivering tumor-informed comprehensive insights. The Personalis NeXT Platform® and suite of products are designed to capture the complex and evolving understanding of cancer, providing biopharmaceutical partners and clinicians with information on 20,000 human genes and the immune system from a single tissue sample.
URL:  www.personalis.com 


Singleron Biotechnologies specializes in cutting-edge high-throughput single cell sequencing technologies, overcoming the limitations of the state-of-the-art in single cell analysis. We open the door for novel approaches in both, research and clinical settings, enabling the transition from single cell multi-omics to precision medicine. Our products are used in over 500 hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. URL: www.singleronbio.com

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